6th: Rough Riders

13th: Ben Wah Bob

20th: Chameleon

27th: Clint & Co

15th: Chameleon

22nd: Ryan Choller

29th: Clint & Co


2nd: PT SLU Cinco de Mayo Party

4th: Rough Ryders preform, 2 Gingers specials

5th: Pub crawl starts here at 9pm

6th: Todd Buss 20 people for Lunch

7th: City Democratic Board meeting 9am

10th: SLU PT pub crawl

11th:   Ben wah Bob proforms and  SLU senior Block Party

14th: SLU Graduation Day

18th:  Chamelon preforms, also jamison promo

19th: CBC class lunch reuinion 11:30am

20th:  Regis party 3:30-7:30, birthday party

21st: SLU MED school party on patio, with live music. $5 wristbands gets you $3 big Beers & $3 Bombs

25th: Clint and Company and promos

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