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One Night at McCool's

One Night at McCool's

Stan Seidel, our first customer, wrote One Night at McCool's about his best friend and Humpnrey's first bartender, Randy Dana (played by Matt Dillon in the movie). The movie stars Matt Dillon, Michael Douglas, Paul Reiser, Reba McEntire, John Goodman, and Liv Tyler.

Hours of Operation
Mon-Sat- 9am to 3am
Sunday - 4pm to 3am

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We're Going Green!

We've installed a new white roof that reduces greenhouse gases -- we're offsetting over 40 tons of carbon dioxide annually!

Humphrey's is Smoke-Free Inside

We're now a smoke-free environment inside . . . our smokers are still more than welcome to enjoy a covered smoking area on our patio, though!



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